Saturday, August 06, 2005

"Steel Magnolias" and My Pregnancy

I'm starting to struggle with staying awake. I nearly fell asleep thinking about the movie, Steel Magnolias, in which Shelby, played by Julia Roberts, dies of complications of diabetes brought on by pregnancy. Shelby gets pregnant against her doctor's advice and goes on kidney dialysis after the birth of a healthy baby boy.

This film was released in 1989. Camille was born in 1991. I was haunted by the film during my pregnancy, because people (especially my mother) thought my pregancy would harm me like Shelby's harmed her. I hated having to explain that I had consulted with doctors before becomming pregnant, and had been given the go-ahead. I like that movie, but it made me crazy at the time.


Lei said...

Candice, You haven't fallen asleep have you?!?! ***BUZZ***

terrilynn said...

I saw that movie again the other night, the first time since Liams's diagnosis. The scene where Shelby is in the beauty shop and her sugar plummets seemed so over the top to me when I first saw it, and so damned scary when I saw it this time.