Sunday, August 07, 2005

Luv Ya for all the support during the Blogathon!!!!

To Lei, Patty, Sennoma, Terrilynn, Sheana, and everyone else who followed my blog during the Blogathon! Thank you so much for the support for my efforts and for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation! Thanks to the two friends who donated to my campaign and my mom, whose arm I had to twist but who finally came through.

No thanks to the rest of my relatives, those executives and doctors and lawyers and engineers, who did not come through with a dollar. Not even a penny.

I just want to tell everyone how much I got out of this Blogathon for myself. I never realized how all-consuming my life with diabetes is. To have it all down in words and pictures is pretty amazing. I really learned something from this experience. Plus, I had fun!

And it was great getting to know all of you! Let's stay in touch! xoxoxoxo



Lei said...

You did great, Candice! It was very valuable for me to see your daily routine with diabetes too. Thank you for sharing this all with us. Of course, we will keep in touch. Candice's Blog is on the blogroll of my personal blog and I'll pop by here too to stalk you properly. ;) Thanks for the ideas you gave me on the gen/ph blog. I will write them down in my ideas notebook. (((hugs)))