Saturday, August 06, 2005

Diabetes and the "Art" of Healing

I am a big fan of the NYU Medical Humanities, Literature, Art, and Medicine Database. This wonderful resource indexes medically-related film, poems, works of art and literature by topic, disease, affliction -- whatever topic you might want to find related to medicine.

There are several medically-related topics I enjoy looking up in this database, but of course diabetes is relevant here. The list for diabetes isn't that long, and oddly, "Steel Magnolias" is not listed under film. There is also no diabetes art listed -- but is there any? Hard to know (maybe I will invent some, ala Judy Chicago...I've got some ideas!).

Still, there are 17 works listed under literature that I haven't read. I am especially attracted to the W.H. Auden poem, "The Art of Healing." I know I must have read this recently. Yes I have read it. Here is a quote:

From "The Art of Healing"
by W.H. Auden

Most patients believe
Dying is something they do.
Not their physician,
That white-coated sage,
Never to be imagined
Naked or married.
Begotten by one,
I should know better. “Healing,”
Papa would tell me,
“is not a science,
but the intuitive art
of wooing Nature.”


Lei said...

Cool database! I've added it to my bookmarks. Thanks for showing us. :)

Anonymous said...

There is diabetes art out there! I am an artist with type 1 diabetes living in NYC. I began a diabetes related art series when I was completing my masters at NYU a few years ago and continued the series ever since. It is entitled "Type 1 Diabetes Revealed" and can be viewed on my website (There is also some poetry on the site.)