Saturday, August 06, 2005

Eating Bad Stuff -- Again

Check out my FitDay record for today. I have already gone off my diet today. I had two cinnamon rolls with that sugar icing. Daniel made them. I just couldn't resist. I have no will power at all when the food is sitting there on the stove, hot and sticky and ready to be eaten.

Interesting, when I went looking for pictures of Cinnabuns, I found lots of pictures of rabbits. I guess a lot of rabbits are named Cinnabun.

Now to go take some more insulin to cover the cinnamon rolls.


Patty said...

Cinnabun is a cute name for a bunny. (I'm ready for a nap.)

Candice said...

Yeah, especially for an orange bunny. I had an orange bunny in Africa and we called her Carrot Ears. But the bunnies on the web that are named Cinnabun come in all sorts of colors!