Saturday, August 06, 2005

Lantus Insulin and other Insulins

This is Lantus insulin, which is also known as insulin glargine. Who knows what that means. It is recombinant DNA human insulin -- synthetic insulin. Not everyone likes human insulin, by the way. Some argue that it causes hypoglycemia and prefer animal insulins such as pork or beef. Unfortunately for these people, Eli Lilly doesn't make animal insulins any more. I am happy with my Lantus, although I never took animal insulins. Eli Lilly has half the insulin market.

There is a nice webpage comparing insulin types at Drug Digest. I am also including a picture here of the difference between NPH insulin and Lantus insulin. Before there was Lantus, there was always some slope in the way the insulin affected blood sugar. That's the sharp peak. Now that we have Lantus insulin, we have an insulin that provides a steady background dose and the result is less fluctuation in blood sugars. The Lantus is the straight line. Lantus insulin is as much like a pump as possible without being on a pump.

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