Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Renee's 5 lb Labor Day Challenge

I found Reneegetsfit through BlogExplosion. Truthfully, I haven't found many on that website that impress me, but Renee's did. She has actual polaroids of herself at stage one (in skimpy bathingsuit top, with fat hanging over waistband of jeans) and stage two (remarkable improvement, but more to go). Girl, does it take commitment and daring to put up those pictures! I can't even look at myself in the mirror since I quit smoking a few months ago.

So, anyway, Renee has posted a five-pounds-by-Labor-Day challenge. Since I'm supposed to be following an obcenely skimpy, disgustingly tasteless diabetic diet (which I am trying to transform into something tolerable), I figure I could use a little motivation from Renee. It will be interesting to see how many pounds the horrid diabetic diet will take off by Labor Day.

(See my earlier post, The Horrid Proposed Diet.)

I will get weighed on Wednesday, August 3, at my physical. Dread and loathing.

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