Saturday, July 16, 2005

"Doing Fieldwork with Diabetes"

I just remembered something. I wrote an article for an anthropology research methods journal (Field Methods, formerly CAM: Cultural Anthropology Methods) entitled "Doing Fieldwork with Diabetes."* I need to retrieve that article from somewhere and post it so it can be read here. The article is rather long, so I would need to put it on a separate web page.

It's a good article. I considered publishing it in one of the diabetes magazines. I even queried the magazine editor at the American Diabetes Association about it, and he said he would want it. But I never did it. That's what I was like back then.

I think I could still rewrite the article for a diabetes magazine. It wouldn't focus on field methods. It would focus on getting by in Africa with type 1 diabetes.

(*Vol 9, Issue 2, 1997)

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