Thursday, July 21, 2005

Blogathon for Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation!

I have signed up to participate in Blogathon! When I found Blogathon, I realized it would be a really cool thing to do: Blog for a charity. I chose the JDRF, of course. Nobody else on Blogathon was blogging for JDRF.

I would love if you would sponsor me! All you need to do is go to Blogathon and register, and then sign up to sponsor me. You can sponsor me here:

My JDRF sponsor link at Blogathon

If you choose to sponsor me, the link will take you DIRECTLY to the JDRF webpage, where you make your pledge. No money goes through me or through Blogathon. So you know your money is going straight to the charity. Isn't that cool?

Then, on August 6, starting at 9:00 eastern time, I'll be posting on this blog about every 30 minutes! And I'll be staying up all night to do it. Come in and see how I'm doing and what I'm writing! You don't need to stay up all night though, LOL!

My blog needs to bring in at least $5.00. All you need to do is pledge at least $1.00.

Hope you can participate!


Patty said...

Candice, I don't know yet if I can sponsor you in the Blogathon -- it might not be in the budget -- but I got my mom to do it. :)

Lei said...

Candice, I'll be e-mailing you a post about the genetics of type 1 diabetes before the start of your blogathan and will make a post linking to it on the Genetics and Public Health Blog too. Good luck!

terrilynn said...

I've made a donation and will post a link at my site as well. Thank you for doing this.