Tuesday, July 26, 2005

FitDay -- a public food log! (Yikes!)

Through ReneeGetsFit, I have discovered FitDay, an online food journal that can be made public. Actually, that there is my first FitDay record. More than 3000 calories and 160 grams of fat. Gotta do better than that. Okay, so I'm letting it all hang out here. Thanks again, Renee!


William Robbins said...

I also have diabetes, but type 2. So I understand the daily struggle. I wish you all the luck with you effort.

Candice said...

Hello William Robbins --

I tried visiting your website, and it is very interesting, but I was unable to leave you a comment. Hmm. I wish more people would configure their blogs (or set the settings on their blogs) so people who are not members can leave messages! Grrrr!

Anyway, William, I love that post on being correct.