Saturday, July 16, 2005

The horrid proposed diet: Visiting the nutritionist

This week I saw Laurie, the nutritionist. This is the first time I have seen a nutritionist or dietitian in years. I needed to go because my diabetes has been so out of control. I also gained wieght after I quit smoking. So I needed to look at my diet.

We did the usual -- looking at plastic slabs of meat and pizza and rubber glasses of juice. I remember the servings of meat and bread. Easy. Then she showed me the starches. How could I eat so little? I'm always hungry.

She went after my fat intake too. What the heck is lowfat salad dressing? I don't eat bottled dressing, I make my own! Bottled dressing tastes terrible. Or fat free yogurt with fruit at the bottom? I hate both fat free yogurt and fruit at the bottom! I like Yoplait Thick and Creamy. And she showed me slabs of lowfat cheeses! Yuck! I don't even buy package cheese. I buy it from the deli counter. I like real cheese, not processed cheese.

Quantities? Can I eat so little starch and fat?

I was almost in tears. Is it worth living longer if you can't eat decent food? Or of you have to be hungry all the time? I am so discouraged.

I now have sheets of paper I have to fill out with my food intake for all my meals and snacks every day. So far I haven't done it and I saw her on Tuesday. It's because I haven't eaten regular meals, so I don't know what to write down. I haven't even been to the grocery store.

What a hassle. What a hassle. I am so discouraged.

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