Sunday, March 20, 2011

Told Animas about the new A1c

After mailing back the old pump in the box with shipping label that Animas sent me last week, I got my new stellar A1c, which was 5.7.  I decided they also needed to know the change in my A1c between the two pumps, which is huge, and also that I have not changed my behavior.  So I called their tech support and added this information for them.  It was cool, because I got the same woman I talked to the last time, and she was really impressed with the new A1c and assured me the information would be forwarded on to the people looking at the old pump.  What is really interesting is that the new A1c was taken only two months after I got the new pump.  Imagine if I'd had a full three months of data from the new pump!

This is what my doctor wrote on the letter he sent me about the results of my March 11 blood test:

"I am pleased to report that your hemoglobin A1c shows excellent overall control of your diabetes."

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