Monday, March 07, 2011

Etiquette and Type 1 Diabetes: A note to parents of T1's!

I was at a kickoff party recently for the JDRF's Ride to Cure Diabetes.  The party was attended by long-term adult T1's as well as parents and relatives of T1's who participate in the Rides.

I want to say something to parents of T1s about approaching adult T1s and asking them about their health.  In a word, "Don't"!

There is nothing worse for an adult with long-term Type 1 Diabetes than to be approached by a parent of a younger diabetic and being quizzed about how our health is doing (e.g. "how are the peripheries?").   The agenda of these parents is clear:  they want to "estimate" how their kid is going to be doing is 25 years.   This should be considered a breach on etiquette.  The last thing I want to do (especially at a party!) is talk about whether I've got peripheral neuropathy (or not) and how my eyes are doing and the data on my A1c's.   The fact that I'm in excellent health after 25 years says nothing about how your kid is going to be doing in a couple of decades.  That depends on their physiology and how well they take care of themselves.  It has no relationship to me.

I avoid parents of T1's like the plague for this very reason.  Please, learn some etiquette!  You wouldn't walk up to somebody randomly at a party and start talking to them about the results of their last colonoscopy, for example.  Don't do this sort of thing to me either!  I am not here to reassure you.  Please, give me a break!

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rhianna said...

I always am burning with questions to ask older t1's , I normally manage to refrain, reading your post is exactly why i do. i have been lucky to have a relationship with some older T1 who are happy to answere my questions but even then there is a time and place. I hope you will try not to advoid us to much , seeing adult T1 who are healthy lets my eart beat a little easier. Thank you for sharing your view btw , we have so many things that irritate and upset us, we dorget were doing it to others sometimes.