Thursday, March 17, 2011

First A1c after getting new pump is a triumph!

I got my new Animas Ping pump a few weeks ago, and just got back the results of my A1c.  It is 5.7!   This is an amazing difference from the numbers that were coming in before.  It seemed like there had been nothing I could do to get the numbers down.

After wearing the new pump for a couple of weeks and saw how good my numbers were coming in, I contacted Animas and told them that I thought they needed to take a look at the old pump.  So they sent me a shipping box and label and I sent it back.  It will be several weeks before I hear anything, but it seems pretty clear to me that I've been struggling with a faulty pump.

Alas!  And Hurray!!!!!

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Great A1C! Congratulations