Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Great Endocrinologist in Seattle/Bellevue

I found a great endocrinologist in the area.  His name is Gary Enzmann and in a two week period he was able to adjust my pump so that I no longer had extreme highs and lows.  Interestingly, he adjusted it so I take LESS insulin.  He said that I was having lows, my liver would kick sugar into my system in a desperate attempt to keep me alive, and then my blood sugars would go to high.  A slight adjustment, and now I am always around 100 plus or minus a bit.  I still have some lows and highs, but I am much, much more stable.

I just received a bill from his office, though, and it looks like my insurance doesn't cover him.  Odd, he was on the list.  I am hoping it's just an interim bill that will show the payment down the line.  If not, I'm going to owe $533.80 for the first visit, and I don't know how much for the second.  And I need to go back in December (plus get a flu shot in the meantime).  I am in the process of trying to get new medical insurance.  I am sure it's going to cost me big bucks, but I've got to do something.  I've had crappy insurance ever since I left Missouri, and even there it was pretty crappy.  It's that stuff that takes over your Medicare coverage.  It is the suckiest insurance in the world.

UPDATE October 15, 2010:  The doctor's office is going to resubmit the bill under a different code.  Hope that works.  Dishonest blankety-blank insurance company!!!!

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